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The first female Saudi artist to be featured on Billboard, Maha Alamri is a graduate student at University of Maryland studying Architecture. She completed her bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture at George Washington University in Fall 2019. Maha's love for illustrating led to her being part of the Concepts Creator program. She is also currently collaborating with Marco Joe Fazio Creative Agency as a set designer and illustrator.


Being born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, gave Maha the opportunity to grow up in a diverse community and travel around the world. She was influenced by different cultures that shaped her artistic style today. Maha is always eager to use different mediums of art, exploring different forms of artistic expression helps to better grasp conceptual and abstract ideas. Maha's interests in architecture and design were shaped primarily by Middle Eastern cultures. She focuses on the integration of nature and sustainability, and the juxtaposition of modern and historical design. 

Maha's passion for science, physics specifically, and her love for art led to her decision to pursue Architecture and Design. Her goal is to be a part of making a difference in our community by advocating for sustainable design and create spaces that celebrate the beauty of different cultures.

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